Kogama: Real PvP is an activity online activity where you’ll be having fun with actual players in the world of Kogama. Right at the starting you will be able to pick a character and also get right into action. In the field, you will certainly need to discover a weapon that you can easily make use of to protect your own self as well as assault others. The goal is, naturally, to counteract everybody else in the field. Beware if you find yourself in settings with things that may injure you. You may also name a pal and play the game together, it is actually far more exciting.
Fight with or even versus your buddies in this arena. W– Move forward.S– Move backward.A– Relocate left.D– Relocate right.Space– Jump.K– Respawn.Left Computer Mouse Switch– Shoot.V– Fall the weapon.E– Use item.Q– Holster weapon.Esc or M– Menu/Quit.

Real PVP

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